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Implementing Blog Marketing Online

Blog marketing online is a huge thing. Almost every major site online is based as a blog, or has an active and engaging blog attached to it. So why not you? Why aren’t you using a blog as part of your overall online marketing strategy? This is a pivotal question, because there a lot of people who are using a blog SOLELY as their primary way to make money online. So implementing blog marketing online is something that is absolutely vital to your success.

Now some people view blogs as tools that only the entertainment industry and professional chefs use to interact with fans and followers. But that’s not true. You can use blogs for all kinds of reasons, and some of these reasons are what I’m going to talk about today. Never underestimate the power that a blog has to boost sales, boost readership and engagement, and to build your brand.

Here’s 1 simple reason that people choose to implement blog marketing online:

1) Creating a professional blog is EASIER than a website

Do you know HTML? CSS? Javascript? PHP? All of these things are coding languages used by web developers to create websites. With blogs, you can bypass these with simple “themes” that come complete and ready to go. For example, the most popular blogging platform called WordPress has themes that you can customize, and make it look like you paid someone $100’s of dollars to do.

With themes, you simply upload it to your WordPress dashboard, and edit it as you see fit. There are TONS of free and paid ones out there. But you can easily download more for free from within your WordPress control panel. With the option of themes, creating a blog is easier than ever. No more do you have to struggle to learn coding or paying people high fees to get a website done. And you don’t even have to deal with website building software either.

Here’s another reason people implement blog marketing online:

2) It’s great for monetization

“Monetization” simply means how you’re going to make money with your blog, site, product, etc. On a blog, there are a lot of ways that you can monetize it. You can host Google AdSense ads on your blog, you can promote affiliate products (or your own products) on your blog, you can promote your affiliate program on your blog, you can create t-shirts and make them for sale on your blog, and you can even charge people to advertise on your blog. It’s really that simple.

Because I offer services and products, my favorite way to make money with my blog is by promoting my affiliate program on there. This way I can encourage users who are looking to make money to view my advice in my blog posts – and feel confident that my consulting services are even better than the knowledge that I dispense on my blog. Then they go, and become an affiliate of mine, and I get free promotion for my consulting services.

You can do the same also if you sell a product or service – or – you can take a totally different route and promote affiliate items. You can sign up for a CPA program (cost per action), and make money whenever someone clicks on a link or banner on your blog. The options are endless, and the world is your’s when it comes to blog marketing online.

Here’s another reason people use blogs:

3) Video blogs

Video blogs are very popular. These are the kinds of blogs that major entertainment companies and even small-time chefs use to get popular. If you’re a chef, instead of writing about a recipe or how to make something, simply create a video and upload it to your blog, so people can see you actually making it. It will further help you to build the bond with your subscribers and frequent visitors.

If you’re a viewer of a cooking video, wouldn’t you rather see how many ingredients and the proportion of the ingredients to use instead of reading about it? For some people, they just enjoy watching food being cooked. And should the day ever come for them to make the same exact recipe for themselves, they want to know the exact sizes and amounts to put into a pot before they run off and totally make a disaster of the dish.

Video blogs are very popular. But there’s another reason why you should do blog marketing online.

4) Content syndication

It’s one thing to write a blog post, but it’s totally another thing to write a blog post and have it shared and distributed around the internet. Plus, writing articles and uploading them onto a custom website in an organized fashion is hard. When you upload content onto a regular website, you have to worry about URL structure, how it fits on the page, how it fits around ads or Google AdSense content, how to draft a snippet of it, and etc. It can be a hassle.

But with a blog, all of this is taken cared of for you. Great link structure is created and preserved, you can edit your blog posts with ease, you can design your blog post easily around ads, photos, and other links on your site, and more. Plus, you can make it easy for people to syndicate your content easily – and subscribe to your blog – with just 1 simple click. Doing blog marketing online certainly has its benefits.

A blog can be a powerful tool when it comes to boosting your sales and profits. Hopefully now you don’t view blogs as a 1-dimensional tool. It’s definitely multi-dimensional, and how vast you grow it is based solely on your creativity and marketing ingenuity.

Also, be sure to realize that blogs are a great way to build your brand and presence within a niche. As time passes, your blog can become an “authority site” within your niche. People will know all about you and who you are, and you could possibly be contacted for partnerships, interviews, or even deals with top leaders in your niche. All of this can happen when you do blog marketing online,

Makeup Marketing Online

Many people start cosmetic businesses without knowing how to market their business online. Many have heard about the worldwide web but have never used the online community to market their business. In the past representatives did not have the web to promote online stores. Selling without a website is all together possible but what if representatives could reach the mass worldwide? If you guessed that a representative would have more clients, then you are right. There are many ways that makeup marketing online works. There are many successful platforms online that can be used to market any cosmetic business.


If you are good at creating videos this is a great place to market your cosmetic business. I truly believe that just posting links that lead to products on social media is not enough. Many companies are selling cosmetics and what people really want to see is that the products really work. How does video play a part in this? Many are doing video reviews on products that they sell. Reviews are detailed and let people know how a person feels about a product they sell. They share descriptive details for example how a product smells, feels, cost, the size, and etc… These are all things that are important to people wondering if they should purchase a product. A review is an excellent way to answer questions that people may have about products. To learn more on how to do a video product review do a search on YouTube for cosmetic product reviews and take a look at what others are doing.

Social Media

If you use social like me then you should really take advantage of the opportunities that are available to promote a business. I don’t suggest using a personal page to promote a business. I do however feel that it’s perfectly fine to post maybe once a day on a personal page. Sometimes if people feel as if a person is always trying to sell them something, they won’t pay as much attention to post. Platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, & Facebook are great places to start a social account for business owners. If there is a personal website, the social accounts can be linked to the website. Facebook offers free pages for business owners as well as paid advertising. The free page is an excellent place to gain followers and to advertise as much as a business owner wants.

Free Classifieds

There are many places within the online community to place free classified ads. The good news is that many of the ad spaces are free. Sites that offer free classified spaces usually require that users register a new account or simply click where it says post a new ad. Whether or not the sites get many views or not will take some research. I suggest placing the ads and posting a link on social media sites. Following the sites rules in terms of ad requirements will help alleviate the removal of ads.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very good way of generating leads within a cosmetic business. I usually send out one email per week to my clients. It is very important to generate an email list. I always provide at the bottom of emails a small notation that says if you do not wish to receive any further emails, please let me know. It is unlawful to send out emails without permission from potential clients. Clients can be informed about any new products, promotions or sales, or even video reviews. I’ve even used this as an opportunity to write small blog post. I add my link at the bottom of the email and of course always offer an opportunity for people to join my team. There are sites that will help assist business owners in sending out emails if sending them out manually is overwhelming.

Blogs or Websites

Many are using blogs to get the word out about their business. Generally people selling cosmetics have online stores. Many enjoy the convenience of shopping online opposed to direct sales from a representative because it saves gas and time. People use blogs and their personal websites to generate leads. A blog can be used by creating new blog post at least three times a week. If you’re wondering how to write blog post, simply Google “How to Write a Blog Post”. Consultants or reps that are interested in monetizing their blog should do a search on Google for “How to Monetize a Blog”. Websites should be updated on a regular basis. The online community is a growing platform. Blog and website URL’s can be added to social networks, within email promotions, and on business cards & flyers. They key with using a blog or site is to keep people interested by adding new content and to get people to subscribe.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the main key factors in makeup marketing online is to make sure that information is search engine friendly. This simply means to make sure that your content is created in a way that the search engines allow your content to be visible. Some create websites, blogs, & even videos thinking that Google and other engines will automatically allow them to be visible on the web but this is not true. There are millions of people searching for information on the web daily with tons of search results. If your information is not properly optimized for search results then you are simply a needle in a haystack. You would then need to direct potential clients to your content. To learn more on SEO do a search about learning how to use SEO.

There are many ways within the online community to market a cosmetic business. What works for one person may not work for the other person. One make up marketer may have followers that enjoy videos and another may have followers that enjoy blog post. The areas that work best are the ones that should be used the most. In time using the suggestions to market online can help a business grow.

Three Dirty Little MLM Secrets for Network Marketing Online

“MLM Secrets”? Really? Yes, despite the fact that 70% of all online network marketers fail, and over 90% of offline network marketers fail, there must be a reason, right?

Well, actually, there is good substantial proof of why some people fail and others succeed in online network marketing.

It’s no secret that the vast majority of people who try out marketing online – or even offline for that matter – fail with network marketing. Studies have shown that there are virtually three “MLM secrets” that breed online network marketing success.

Real network marketing secrets stem in how to make your business duplicable. Duplicable? Is that even a word? Didn’t use to pass spell check but now it does… hmmm… guess the network marketing industry added that one.

You’ve heard the pitch… “All you need to do is get five people, and teach each of your five to get five.. yada yada yada”.

Yeah, right. Here’s the problem with getting your business to duplicate like that:

While you’re working with the first guy to help his business, the other four will quit. In fact, you can pretty much count on about 90% of the people you recruit to quit. That’s the bleak statistic.

MLM business training for the business today does advocate taking your business online. And, this makes perfect sense because statistics show that online spending is up, even despite the “sad economy”!

Here’s the problem with that: online recruiting is in the toilet… actually around 1% to be exact.

And there’s a reason for that…

… It has to do with what makes people buy in the first place.

Consider yourself for a minute… if you’re shopping in a furniture store and someone approaches you and says, “May I help you?” What’s your initial response? Most will say, “No thanks, just looking”, even if they came in to look for something specific!

Why? Because, even though people love to buy, they hate to be sold!

Now, consider the average network marketing guy doing his thing offline… “Hi there, you look like a sharp guy. What do you do? Do you keep your options open?” Sound familiar?

And what is YOUR response when some stranger approaches you with that line? Exactly.

Hence, I think we all can agree that it makes more sense to take your network marketing online rather than try the old traditional techniques. Because people who search for something online feel that THEY are the ones who find the “goods” and therefore they want, and they buy.

However, even network marketing online can be tricky these days, as 30% of online marketers “fail”, or give up.

So, here are three MLM secrets that actually have to do with how to make your online network marketing business duplicable…

1) Making your online network marketing business duplicable has to do with finding a way that EVERYONE – not just the “rock stars” who want to work 24/7- can make money.

And, you need to find a way to keep your downline “reved up”. It is a known fact that most people buy out of shear emotion. (Actually, I heard somewhere that everyone buys out of emotion, even logical people!) Hence, this is why you see so much hype on the internet.

However, there’s a problem with hype. Did you notice how you tend to not want to read the “hypey” stuff? That’s your brain trying to shut down because you’re aware of how many scam artists there are in “cyber world”. So it’s strongly advised these days to give you prospective buyers as much value as possible.

An email response system is pretty much mandatory for network marketing online. It has been said that most people, on average, need to approached seven times before even will consider buying. Well, this sums up why so many offline network marketers quit, right? Who would want to hound everyone they know a minimum of seven times?

You can setup your email response system to get in touch with your prospects right away. However, it’s strongly advised that you also send out “real time” email “blasts” with personal stories and/or videos so your prospects can get to know you. You know what they say – people tend to buy from people they know, like and trust.

2) Upselling is a key factor in becoming successful with network marketing online.

It has been proven that 30% of the people who buy from you would be willing to buy other products. The key here to make sure that your customers really WANT to buy other products. People “hate to be sold”, remember?

Hence, the best way to upsell your existing customers is by giving real value that shows them that what they have is good – but what they can get is even better. The art of network marketing success is the art of attracting people to you who want to buy.

You do this by giving value to the marketplace through articles, videos, and blog posts. Send your valuable posts to your list that you’re creating through your auto response email system.

3) The “scarcity” factor is used among many successful network marketers. How many times have you heard “if you buy now, you get two for one”, or “this tremendous discount is only available for a limited time”. This is because that tactic works.

The problem with this is that many marketers bluff their way through on this. How often have you heard that line and say to yourself, “yeah, right, it will probably be even less next month if I wait”.

Network Marketing Online Can Help a Business to Grow Globally

When you go in for network marketing online, what you are basically doing is building a network of people who will buy and sell products. This is similar to what you will have to do even in the traditional method of marketing, but being online allows you to tap into a vast number of people, who do not have to be geographically accessible.

The concept of network marketing makes for a method of selling products that is very effective while not imposing a high cost on the business. It is virtually a concept that works by word of mouth. You use a product, like it and start recommending it to your friends and acquaintances. When they buy it and continue with the same word of mouth advertisement for the product, you will then have in place a network that can expand into hundreds of people, with a common selling goal. Commissions are given for each sale, and part of this is passed on to the persons who made the original recommendations, and this adds to substantial sums, as networks go on expanding.

There are many advantages that can accrue to any organization that practices network marketing online. Among these, is the fact that it allows you to market your products all over the world, and have global customers who can be almost anyone who has an internet connection. It is necessary that you put together a mechanism for delivering your products and this may require proper organization or developing franchisees. But in case, you are selling ideas and e products like software, this can easily be done online. You will require setting up proper payment gateways to receive funds, or find other means of getting paid. A major advantage with network marketing online is that it is a process that works for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The various time zones work in your favor, and your marketing efforts are doing their magic at all times, with a minimum effort on your part. In online marketing, you can easily make changes to strategies and other marketing methods, without really disrupting your effort. This can be as a result of your own evaluation or responses received from customers. Such reactions are much easier to obtain online than physically from customers in the case of traditional marketing. In the case of a traditional marketing campaign making changes to the direction or thrust of a campaign can cost money, especially if special events have been organized. Network marketing online is also very much cheaper to carry out and this does add to the bottom line.

Earlier traditional marketing efforts involved making phone calls, handing out brochures and getting responses from customers that allowed the sales team to follow up to convert them to sales. In the case of network marketing, you can invite people who visit your website to leave their e-mail addresses. Mail and other information, including newsletters can then be sent out automatically, without the need to create copies of letters, putting them in envelopes and posting them. This can be done automatically by software. People can be asked for their views through the same electronic process, and the responses automatically sorted out, so that the right people in the organization respond to them.

For any network marketing online effort to show any success it is very necessary that you have the right website content. This process has been made easier nowadays, because a number of very good network marketing companies have come into existence. These companies will study your product and business, come up with the right marketing tools and thus allow you to concentrate on other aspects of the business. It is very essential in any online marketing to have means of following up and analyzing the results of the effort so that changes can be made, if necessary, to improve the results.

3 Benefits to Learning How to Market Online and Avoid Chasing Prospects

If all you know when it comes to getting leads and adding people to your list is offline marketing, I highly suggest you learn how to take your business online as soon as possible. Since its inception people in the network marketing or MLM industry have been taught to make a list of their warm market and introduce their business to their warm market. For a very few this has proven to be somewhat successful but for the MAJORITY (over 95%) it has proven to work for a very short period of time if at all.

It is definitely to any marketers advantage that they take control of both avenues of marketing their business. Both online and offline marketing. Remember not to forget about the word MARKETING in the terms network marketing and multi level marketing.

Before the internet there was no such thing as online marketing and the only method was making your list of family and friends. This may be why many marketers who have been around for quite some time may be reluctant to share the online strategy with new marketers. You can’t really blame them though, all you can do is respect them because at least they are being genuine in teaching their teams to be successful in the manner they became successful.

Although, it would be nice if more leaders encouraged their teams to learn how to market online rather than discourage them or mislead them. We are now in an entirely different wave of the network marketing and MLM industry.

One can’t discount the fact that online marketing does work especially if they never tried it. Which is the case for many leaders who have built large organizations in the past. They tend to say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and for some they are so stuck in their old ways, that there’s no convincing them no matter what.

But times have changed and with the age of the internet, knowledge of how to market, can move your business much faster than traditional methods of growing your business. I’d actually say that having online marketing skills may be more beneficial to you in helping you grow your business than the traditional tactics of chasing friends and family. Trying to find new people to expose to your opportunity using some of these tactics can make you go crazy.

I say this for 3 reasons. The first reason is for time efficiency. The next reason is for better targeting and finding the right types of individuals. Not only people you may want to work with, but people that are looking for what you have to offer and just don’t know it yet. And lastly, you have a much wider market and the necessary tools to communicate to this market when you utilize the internet. It’s called the World Wide Web for a reason.

Let’s start with the first point. First and foremost you are in business which means as a business owner you want to value your time. Unless of course you don’t care about your time then your time can be wasted on low result getting tasks. For example opening up a phone book to call a bunch of random people who don’t know you, like you, or trust you is an absolute mismanagement of your time to say the least… Yea I did it and it sucks. And it wasn’t that fun either.

And think about it, since we always talk about duplication, is this the type of behavior you want to duplicate throughout your organization to grow your business? Common sense should tell you that this behavior will do the total opposite of duplication. Instead, it will repel people. People join this industry for freedom, happiness, and to feel good about what they are doing while generating an income unmatched by a job. Tasks like cold calling or attempting to meet random people at your local Walmart like I did are also not the best uses for your time. Why? Because once again your taking too much time to produce insufficient results for your time. As a business owner your time is not worth the $6 dollars an hour you got paid as a grocery store cashier when you were a teenager. Yeah my first job was as a cashier at Save A Lot if you ever heard of it.

Which brings me to my next point. When we take on tasks like convincing our best friend or family members who have no drive or ambition in many cases we are wasting precious time. These tasks along with random cold calling or prospecting in places like Walmart or the mall are not too targeted. What do I mean by not targeted?

By doing these types of things your exposing yourself to too many types of people who don’t fit the criteria of what it is that you’re looking for and more importantly, too many people that want nothing to do with what you have to offer. You want to be more targeted in your marketing efforts so that you are not wasting your time on the wrong people and so that the time you are putting in is used in the best way possible. In other words your time must be used as efficiently as possible.

Lastly you want to be able to not only get your business or opportunity in front of as many people as possible, which is what your attempting to do. But instead you want to get your business in front of as many people looking for what you have to offer. The key is to expose as many people in the shortest amount of time, but the right people.

Yes I understand there’s that 1 in a million chance of running into someone at Walmart or the grocery store who winds up being a stud. You know someone that has right?Well guess what? We’ve also all heard of someone who won the lotto. I don’t know about you but if my chances of success are the same as my chances for winning the lotto I’m in trouble. Business is a numbers game so wouldn’t you want to take part in activities where the numbers favor you. Do you think you’ll have a better shooting percentage shooting jump shots from half court on a basketball court or from the foul line? Think about it. Because remember numbers don’t lie.

So basically every obstacle from time efficiency, targeting the right people, and showing your opportunity to the most number of people can all be done more efficiently by leveraging the internet.

Many old school marketers might tell you that teaching people how to market online isn’t duplicatable. But let me ask you a question. How duplicatable have the old school methods been in creating attrition, financial independence, and overall happy and fulfilling lifestyles? Not too duplicatable huh?

The majority of network marketers aren’t even able to make enough money to pay their rent or mortgage never mind the ability to live the life of their dreams and attain financial independence that the top 2% attain.

So with that being said if it’s not working we must do something to fix it right? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. If network marketers don’t learn how to leverage the internet so they can attain true freedom like this great industry was intended to provide, then some of us may just be going insane. And when I use the term insane I mean it in it’s literal definition.

The internet will give you the ability to harness the skills to market to individuals who are looking for what you have to offer rather than wasting time on people who are tire kickers.

The internet will allow you to show as many people in the shortest amount of time what your opportunity is all about because now instead of your market being the people in your general area you are able to build relationships and recruit people all over the country. In many cases you are able to recruit individuals from other countries if your opportunity is international.

Imagine showing your presentation to hundreds of people daily by leveraging the power of a webinar without you physically having to be there each and every time. And if your impressed by that just imagine what other pieces of technology you can leverage to grow your business.

Lastly, by learning the necessary skills to market your business online you can save lots of time and spend time on the income generating activities which will allow you to become less financially frustrated and much much happier!!!!

Learning how to market online is much easier than you think. More importantly, it’s much less painful than door knocking, cold calling, or talking to complete strangers at the mall. Trust me I’ve done it and it’s not fun. Those type of activities will make you want to get a damn J.O.B.

So just remember if you don’t do something different don’t expect anything to change for you in your business. And if your sick of the same results and want to learn how to take advantage of getting more leads and recruits into your business so that your able to make more money and live the life you joined this wonderful industry for make some changes. You won’t regret it.

10 Steps To Network Marketing Online Success

I just want to start out by saying that network marketing online is the only way to go if you really want to be successful in network marketing. The problem is that marketing online is like a jungle of hot new push button systems that promise to solve all of your problems combined with a sea of information which results in people getting overwhelmed and quitting very easily.

Today I’m not offering a fancy new push button system or anything like that but I am going to lay out a ten step formula for you to become successful at network marketing online.

10 Steps To Network Marketing Online Success

1 – Network Marketing Company

Obviously in order for you to be success at network marketing online you will need to join a company, it doesn’t matter what company you join as long as it has a great business model and you are joining leaders who will help you.

2 – Auto-Responder and Sales Funnel

Before you start driving traffic and generating leads you want a place to store your leads in order to build your list which is your auto-responder and you want a sales funnel in place so can have multiple income streams coming in on complete auto-pilot.

3 – Funded Proposal

The moment someone opts into your lead capture page you want to be offering a cheap information product or marketing system that is targeted to your niche, this allows you to make up front income even if people say no to joining your company.

Everyone who has ever been successful at network marketing online has a funded proposal, My Lead System Pro is a great value packed system you could offer as a funded proposal.

4 – Capture Pages

You need lead capture pages in order to capture your prospects details and I don’t mean your company’s replicated websites you need to stand out from the crowd, always remember that people join people they do not join companies. (Unless all your stars are aligned)

When it comes to network marketing online your lead capture pages have to be congruent with your marketing message, without matching up your marketing with your capture pages your opt in rate will be very low.

5 – Web Presence

If you really want to be successful at network marketing online you need a web presence, now a lead capture page is a web presence but if you are serious about network marketing online you need a personal blog, your blog will be your marketing nerve centre.

A personal blog will allow you to build relationships and trust with your prospects, you can send everyone from the social networks to your blog, you can generate leads by putting an opt in form on your blog, you can do reviews on affiliate products and monetize your blog, and so much more.

Take a look around at every successful person online and you will see that they have a personalized blog, if you want to be successful at network marketing online just do what the leaders are doing, create a personal web presences. (Blog)

6 – Learning and Taking Action

It’s only natural to want to learn about the things you are passionate about so if you’re really passionate about network marketing online then start digging into every online marketing course that you can get your hands on, you know the old saying “Knowledge Is Power”.

I would HIGHLY recommend learning attraction marketing and the BEST resource for this is Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring.

Knowledge is power but it’s nothing without action! You have to take action and go through the trials and tribulations yourself and in doing so you will become a leader because in order for you to become a leader you first must lead the way. (Action)

7 – Marketing Strategy

There are a ton of ways to market online and if you focus on that fact you will get overwhelmed so don’t focus on how many online marketing strategy there are and just pick ONE.

If you have never generated a lead online before then I could never be more serious when I say ONLY pick ONE marketing strategy and FOCUS on that one strategy until you are generating leads.

I’m speaking from personal experience here, I used to be a “jack of all trades and master at none” I used to generate a few leads here and there but no real solid lead flow.

It was only when I consistently FOCUSED on ONE marketing strategy that I started to generate over 10 leads per day and it is only increasing as time goes on. (This is with FREE marketing Strategies)

8 – 25 to 50+ Leads Per Day

Make it your goal to reach 25 to 50+ leads per day because when you do you will have every chance of being successful at network marketing online, you will have a totally different outlook on your business.

You won’t care if that one lead doesn’t join your business because you have another 24 or 42 more leads to call on that day alone. (Your Posture Will Change And Your Leads Will Be Attracted To It)

9 – Get On The Phone

Another very important piece of network marketing online is picking up the phone and calling your leads, this is such an important piece of the puzzle and will greatly increase your results.

Most people are afraid to pick up the phone and call their leads but you NEED to get over this if you want to be successful at network marketing online.

In fact if you’ve branded yourself in your marketing calling leads actually becomes fun because when they answer there actually glad you called.

It’s a great feeling when I call someone from the other side of the world and they pick up the phone and say “Ah Billee, How Could I Forget That Name!)… I live in Australia and there are people in America that know my name and follow my content, that’s the power of network marketing online.

Mike Dillard has a great course that teaches you the right way to call your leads, it’s called Black Belt Recruiting. (I’m actually looking at the case now, it’s on my desk)

10 – Teach Your Team

I would have to say the key to massive success in network marketing is DUPLICATION so if you want to build a massive team teach your new business partners the strategies to network marketing online.

To make this process super simple just plug your new business partners into a marketing system like My Lead System Pro and leverage the leaders within that system to train your team.

Benefits Of Marketing Online

The benefits of marketing online are so vast that I don’t even know where to begin. There are so many benefits of marketing online that it could make your head spin. The bottom line is that the internet is an excellent medium for getting customers and for expanding your product base. If you’re wondering what some of the benefits of marketing online are, then this article is for you.

The benefits of marketing online are plenty and the internet has its perks. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to get started and there’s a wide variety of information out there that will help you on your internet marketing journey. In fact, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of marketing online that you can start using right now.

1) Low cost to get started

If you wanted to start a business offline, you would more than likely have to take out a business loan to get started. You would probably need around $50,000 to get started and would have to rent out a space to host your business from. Starting a business is tough to do offline, and with the rising costs of doing business, it’s hard to make any real significant profits.

But online, it’s totally different. I would say you can start a business on the internet for less than $100 – maybe even $50. All you would need is a website, an autoresponder to keep in contact with customers, a product to sell, and a marketing strategy. All of this would probably cost you no more than $50.

With this low cost to get started, you may be wondering why everyone isn’t signing up to do an online business. Well the fact of the matter is that a lot of people are. The problem is that a lot of people just fail to make their online business a success, and people are dropping out from the internet right now as we speak.

This is one of the biggest benefits of marketing online but it isn’t the only one. Let’s take a look at one of the other benefits of marketing online and doing business.

2) Ease of getting customers

Well in any business, getting customers is tough. If getting customers were easy, almost everyone who started an online business would have success. But as we all know, this isn’t the case. However, the internet makes it possible for you to shorten the guesswork and the amount of time that it would take for you to get customers.

Unlike offline marketing, there are just so many ways to get customers for free. You don’t have to rely solely on advertising as the only way to build a business. There are people out there where their only business is via the use of free marketing – and you can do the same thing too.

You can utilize marketing methods such as forum marketing, video marketing, article marketing, and even question and answer sites. I know of people who are getting significant hits from their use of Yahoo Answers – the question and answer site. There are also people who are using methods like classified advertising to make money too.

For some people, selling products on is their only way of making money. I personally use Craigslist myself and I know that it’s a great way to get sales and to get customers via your use of it. Craigslist is mostly known for selling physical products, but there are some marketers out there who are having success with selling their digital items also.

The bottom line is that the benefits of marketing online are many. These 2 benefits that I mentioned in this article doesn’t even scratch the surface of the many different benefits of marketing online – but hopefully you get the idea of why you should start doing business online today.

Marketing online is an awesome way to get new customers for your business and don’t let anyone tell you different. I personally do business online for the reasons listed in this article and I can tell you that they’re excellent reasons for wanting to do business online. Be sure to utilize these tips today in your online business.

The Real Truth About Successful Network Marketing Online

Network Marketing (also known as MLM) is sweeping across the internet. Each month tens of thousands of people worldwide begin their first attempts at earning money online through network marketing programs. But is network marketing for real? Is the internet the key to network marketing success? In this article we will ‘pull back the curtain’ on network marketing online so you can see how it began, how it works now and whether or not true success is actually possible.

First, lets consider the network marketing method itself. Some people think MLM is a scam because you usually have to pay a little something to get started whether it be buying the product yourself or buying a kit or website fee. Some people call it a scam because it emphasizes recruiting others to sell/consume the products in addition to selling them yourself. Most of the people I know who call MLM a scam do so because at some time someone tried to convince them them they would get rich by joining their company. They were led to believe they would make easy money by simply “sharing the plan” with others, who would share it with others, etc. and then money would just flow in. However, once they joined they found out MLM is really just another form of sales that requires a lot of work and patience they felt betrayed the business wasn’t more honestly explained to them. Rightfully so, because honesty should be at the foundation of any recruiting efforts but often is not. However it is erroneous to consider a business opportunity dishonest simply because it requires selling and work or because the person presenting it was dishonest to you.

It always amazes me how quick people are to call something a ‘scam’ because they don’t make money at it. Sure there is plenty of dishonest junk out there but if a marketer does his/her research properly up front they will be better prepared to recognize a scam. The ugly fact is that ANY business will COST you money to start. Ugly fact number two is that ANY business will cost you money to maintain. Most MLMs will have an initial cost to get started, whether it be buying their introductory ‘business kit’ and/or monthly product or service purchase. Often with MLMs there is a monthly fee for your personalized company website or web store. Even free opportunities, like affiliate marketing will cost you something to market. Be prepared to spend some money before you will see earnings.

Now let’s take a closer look at internet based approach to network marketing.

The advent of the internet certainly did open up a whole new marketing channel for the network marketing industry. At first MLM distributors started building their own websites to recruit or market products. Eventually all the major companies began to provide their members with replicated websites so every distributor could have an internet presence. Usually the intention of these companies was to provide a convenient way of providing information or allowing online ordering to support the distributor’s offline efforts. No longer would a member have to physically pass out brochures or audio recordings to offer more detailed information to their prospects. Now they could just send them to the company website to learn more, order product as a customer, or even sign up as a distributor themselves. In time what began as a support tool for offline effort became for many a total online business marketing system.

While many of the grand old companies of MLM still primarily cater to the offline marketing face-to-face approach others have embraced online marketing and have moved their internet approach beyond just being a support tool. Some companies remain locked into the old-school methods and are highly restrictive of the online marketing efforts of their members. Such companies continue to insist that network marketing is inherently a face-to-face social marketing method that should not utilize the internet as the first line of approach to prospects. Perhaps that is the primary reason why MLM companies began referring to Multilevel marketing as ‘network’ marketing (referring to selling to ones social network) a few years ago. Factor into that a lot of people hate direct selling and the negative perception some people have of ‘multilevel marketing’ and you can see why the big change in terminology. However even if these companies hold that MLM must involve marketing to ones social network can’t a person’s social networks be built or cultivated online? Isn’t that the whole concept behind all the major online social networking sites so popular today? I believe any company not taking full advantage of web marketing by providing their members with internet marketing training and resources is doing a serious disservice to their business and their members.

Enter the internet based MLM companies…

As the internet grew and savvy entrepreneurs began to see the potential of online marketing, total internet based MLM companies began to spring up everywhere. Imagine being able to have all the compensation advantages that MLM offers without the rejection of face-to-face selling that destroys so many people in the industry. It seems to be a marriage made in heaven, as they say. Now nearly every business opportunity online has an MLM payout structure of some kind. Of course many of these still fail since anyone who can afford the software can start an MLM nowadays. Few operators of these grass-roots start up companies have the experience or resources to build anything of lasting substance so potential members need to be selective in what they chose to join and promote. Other operators are just plain scam artists who never intend to last beyond their fleecing of the masses as quickly as they can for as much money as they can. Of those legitimate companies that so survive attrition continues to be the bane of the industry, however.

Personally I like the whole idea of network marketing companies totally internet based. There are a lot of advantages here. Since many of these companies promote products that are digital or service oriented the overhead for the company is much lower and product management simpler. Additionally such products offer the option of international expansion for the company as the complications of shipping and monetary exchange is all but eliminated. For the member this allows for international recruiting and less reliance upon the strength of a single nations economy for sales. Also since these companies are totally internet based they tend to be better at providing more online marketing tools and resources for their members than the older traditional product based companies. The problem with such business opportunities of course is new members often drop out because their expectations for fast income aren’t met or they find they are unable to compete online with internet gurus who quickly saturate the web with the replicated web pages these companies offer.

Internet based network marketing is not easy even when you have a website or marketing system already in place for you to plug into. But then again no form of internet marketing is as easy as the ‘gurus’ would have you believe. The advantages however and the potential for an ever increasing recurring income keeps me interested and involved with online MLM. While the standard approach to internet marketing is generally reliant upon making a single sale for commission, MLM offers ongoing residuals. Typically online marketing requires you to constantly research and test new products whereas online MLMs have plug-and-play products and services already researched and packaged. Usually when marketing if you find a good product that produces a decent income for you, you need to keep it a secret or everybody will jump on it and compete with you, but MLM rewards you for telling others about your product and the best way to market it. Get the picture?

One little known secret of many of the the more famous internet marketing gurus is their associations with MLM companies. When I first became involved with internet marketing I purchased tons of guru courses and e-books. Most of them were about making big money online by being an affiliate for digital products others had created. I wondered how anyone could sustain a sizable income just making one-time sales of e-books. In my own experiences I found that often it will cost more to market such products than you earn on them. So how did these guys and gals do it? So I began to dig.

Firstly, I found that the movers and shakers in the internet marketing industry had not only self-produced multiple products of their own, they had set up affiliate programs so others would incur the expense of marketing their products for them. Do you know what the highest selling digital products are? It’s downloadable products (e-books, videos, etc.) about how to make money on the internet. Such books are produced and promoted by these same gurus, who themselves are affiliates of other guru’s ‘make money online’ products.

Finally, there’s the ‘list’. Whether they advertise a new digital product or an MLM program they begin by announcing it to their list of email followers. This is BIG as it positions them to make money almost instantly by just sending a promotional email to their list subscribers. It’s fascinating to see how quickly a guru can become a top leader in a new MLM practically overnight.

So the bottom line of all this is, like it or not, network marketing online is a very real way to a long term income online. Other forms of marketing on the internet are certainly valid but few will offer the residual pay or long term potential as MLM. That is why I include MLM opportunities in my personal business portfolio and encourage others to do so as well. Of course there are some cautions and potential pitfalls to these programs so you must be selective in the companies you choose to associate yourself with but suffice it to say MLM is here to stay and should be considered as a part of any internet marketer’s business plan.

Niche Marketing in Real Estate Marketing Online

What is a niche?

A niche is a target audience or target market or an area of specialization where you can provide your services in the best manner because you are more knowledgeable in that market.

A niche can be geographical. You may choose to provide your real estate expertise in one city or if you are a real estate agent in a large city, your niche may be a certain geographical boundary in that city. Some agents specialize in farm properties. Some agents specialize in second homes and investment properties. Some agents focus on 1031 tax deferred exchanges. Real estate agents who speak other languages may find themselves providing services to buyers and sellers who speak those languages. Whatever type of niche you have, it is extremely important to focus your attention on your target audience when in comes to real estate marketing online.

Niche marketing does not mean you have to limit your marketing efforts in just one local area. It is also important to combine national with regional and local exposure. For instance, if you are specializing in the second home market, it is important to combine local and regional marketing with national marketing when it comes to real estate marketing online. If your niche is in the second home market, the buyer or seller for a second home may come from any city in the country.

Many buyers and sellers of second homes consider different cities in different states before they decide where next to purchase a second home or investment property. They like to search online to conduct their research to find out about the different cities they are considering. They also look for real estate agents online who can provide them with additional information on the cities of their interest.

If you market your real estate business online outside of your local area of service, you are already several notches ahead of your competition because you will reach your target audiences right in their spots before they even start looking for a real estate agent else where. Their perception of your professional practice will also improve because you are giving them a glimpse of the kind of approach you have when it comes to conducting your business.

The biggest drawback in utilizing real estate marketing online nationally is the issue of budget. If you are an independent contractor (and most real estate agents are), chances are that you will pay for the marketing of your own profession, and most online publications will charge a handsome fee to include your real estate business online nationally. However, if you do your research, you will find some online publications that will charge decent rates to include your real estate business online nationally.

Understanding that it is not necessarily the amount of any online traffic that is important but getting the online traffic from your target audience is what really counts. You will get less general online traffic when you direct your focus to a targeted audience, but you are reaching the audience that will listen to your message. This is the audience that is more likely to respond to your message. Of course, just like any other type of marketing, real estate marketing online is still a numbers’ game, and you are more likely to experience a higher success rate when you reach your target audience online.

How do you reach your target audience with real estate marketing online?

Advertise your real estate business in specialized online publications. If you would like to reach the audience for the second home market, advertise online on a second home Internet directory or second home Internet magazine. If you would like to reach the market online for 1031 tax deferred exchanges, advertise in an online or Internet magazine that specializes in real estate investing and 1031 tax deferred exchanges.

Know the function of the search engines in real estate marketing online. A huge majority of online searches are done through search engines. Using search engines is really a wonderful way to reach your target audience because your target market is the one coming to you instead of you going to them. For instance if they put “buying a second home directory” as their search parameter, they are very specific about finding a directory that specializes in the second home market.

Advertise in an online publication that ranks in the top 10 of Google, MSN, and Yahoo when using the key words of the search parameters that your target audience is most likely going to use because these major search engines are the tools that your target audience will most likely utilize to conduct searches online in order to reach you. The real estate online or Internet publications that display in the top 10 of the search results in major search engines in a defined niche are the ones which are most likely to be visited by the people who are looking for that specific business or service and that is the online publication where you would like your business to be seen.

Video Marketing Online

Are you currently doing video marketing online? If not it’s something that you should be doing. Video marketing is all the rave, and it can generate tons of free traffic for you. Some people are intimidated by the idea of creating videos and marketing online, but you shouldn’t need to be afraid. At some point in time, you need to implement it into your marketing strategy.

By far the most popular video site online for marketing is YouTube. But there are others, such as: Metacafe, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more. This should be much easier for you if you’re not good at writing content for your website. For some people, speaking is an easier way to communicate their ideas – rather than writing them. All you have to do is get in front of a camera and express your ideas.

I want to go over a few ways to do video marketing online. You see commercials on TV all the time, and you should understand that this is no different from having videos online. Some people have become highly famous and incredibly wealthy from video marketing alone. In fact this is the basis of some peoples’ businesses. If you can get this one thing right, you can provide yourself with endless traffic for years to come. Here’s the first way to do video marketing online:

1) Upload videos to the popular video sites

Some people call them “video directories”, but I like to label them as video sites. These are the same sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, and Dailymotion. Like I said, there are a lot more than these that can be highly effective for you. Plus you won’t have as much competition. And a lot of these sites have good rankings in the search engines. It’s up to you to put your content on these sites.

When uploading your video, make sure to have some way to let people get back to your website. You can embed a display URL at the bottom of your video, and/or you can have your URL in the description area of your video. Either way, make sure it gets seen, because if someone likes your information they will want more. So give them a way to get more info from you simply and easily.

Creating the video is amazingly easy. Nowadays people simply use the camera feature on their smart phone to create their videos. But if you want to do this professionally, you might want to invest into some real camera equipment. The people that are making a lot of money, this is what they invest in. Some people have lighting, back drops, camcorders, microphones, and more. It may seem excessive, but their videos look great, and their viewers like it.

For you, you may want to start off with a simply tripod and camcorder from Walmart. It’s simple. All you need is a small camera that can capture your face (or your whole body if you prefer), and then start speaking your piece. The camcorder I bought for myself only cost me $100. This is cheap, and they’re even cheaper nowadays with the popularity of the camera feature on smart phones. No matter what you choose, make sure you create the video and get it up on the video sites. Just the act of uploading onto these sites will generate views and traffic back to your website for you. Here’s another tip for video marketing online:

2) Encourage viewers to like, share, and subscribe

This step is crucial. In order to get free distribution to your videos automatically, have people like, share, and subscribe to your channel. When people like your videos, it indicates that you have great content, and this is a great video. When people share your videos, you get free syndication and publicity. The more people sharing your videos, the more views you’ll get, the more people will subscribe to your channel, and the more traffic you’ll get back to your website.

Having people subscribe to your channel is essential. Every time you post a new video, when they logon to the video site, they’ll see your new content, click on it, and view what you have to say. This means more free publicity, and more free traffic back to your site. With more subscribers, you’ll have a consistent amount of viewers coming back to see your videos. This is essential.

If you’re familiar with email marketing, I’m sure you know that the money is in the list. Similarly with video marketing, you’ll be able to get a consistent and predictable amount of views to your videos all the time with a lot of subscribers. Here’s another tip for doing video marketing online:

3) Optimize your videos for the search engines

Now obviously the search engines can’t decipher the words you’re saying in your videos, but they can read the title, description, and tags you place. In the title of your videos, make sure you insert your main keyword term in it – preferably at the beginning. Also, mention it in the description of your videos, and also in the tags section of the video. This is important for a few reasons.

As you already know with search engine optimization, people who type in a particular keyword will more than likely see search results that have that keyword term in there. This is the same thing with marketing on video sites. It’s easier to rank on video sites than it is to rank to Google. And even though YouTube is owned by Google (and is considered to be the 2nd largest search engine on the internet), it’s still easy to get traffic to your content from this site. And the same is true for the other video sites online.

Video marketing online is essential for your growth and profitability. This one traffic strategy can bring you endless traffic and profitability for years to come. So if you’re not doing video marketing right now, then it’s time to do it – starting today. Most people don’t find out about it until it’s too late. Don’t be one of these people.

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