“MLM Secrets”? Really? Yes, despite the fact that 70% of all online network marketers fail, and over 90% of offline network marketers fail, there must be a reason, right?

Well, actually, there is good substantial proof of why some people fail and others succeed in online network marketing.

It’s no secret that the vast majority of people who try out marketing online – or even offline for that matter – fail with network marketing. Studies have shown that there are virtually three “MLM secrets” that breed online network marketing success.

Real network marketing secrets stem in how to make your business duplicable. Duplicable? Is that even a word? Didn’t use to pass spell check but now it does… hmmm… guess the network marketing industry added that one.

You’ve heard the pitch… “All you need to do is get five people, and teach each of your five to get five.. yada yada yada”.

Yeah, right. Here’s the problem with getting your business to duplicate like that:

While you’re working with the first guy to help his business, the other four will quit. In fact, you can pretty much count on about 90% of the people you recruit to quit. That’s the bleak statistic.

MLM business training for the business today does advocate taking your business online. And, this makes perfect sense because statistics show that online spending is up, even despite the “sad economy”!

Here’s the problem with that: online recruiting is in the toilet… actually around 1% to be exact.

And there’s a reason for that…

… It has to do with what makes people buy in the first place.

Consider yourself for a minute… if you’re shopping in a furniture store and someone approaches you and says, “May I help you?” What’s your initial response? Most will say, “No thanks, just looking”, even if they came in to look for something specific!

Why? Because, even though people love to buy, they hate to be sold!

Now, consider the average network marketing guy doing his thing offline… “Hi there, you look like a sharp guy. What do you do? Do you keep your options open?” Sound familiar?

And what is YOUR response when some stranger approaches you with that line? Exactly.

Hence, I think we all can agree that it makes more sense to take your network marketing online rather than try the old traditional techniques. Because people who search for something online feel that THEY are the ones who find the “goods” and therefore they want, and they buy.

However, even network marketing online can be tricky these days, as 30% of online marketers “fail”, or give up.

So, here are three MLM secrets that actually have to do with how to make your online network marketing business duplicable…

1) Making your online network marketing business duplicable has to do with finding a way that EVERYONE – not just the “rock stars” who want to work 24/7- can make money.

And, you need to find a way to keep your downline “reved up”. It is a known fact that most people buy out of shear emotion. (Actually, I heard somewhere that everyone buys out of emotion, even logical people!) Hence, this is why you see so much hype on the internet.

However, there’s a problem with hype. Did you notice how you tend to not want to read the “hypey” stuff? That’s your brain trying to shut down because you’re aware of how many scam artists there are in “cyber world”. So it’s strongly advised these days to give you prospective buyers as much value as possible.

An email response system is pretty much mandatory for network marketing online. It has been said that most people, on average, need to approached seven times before even will consider buying. Well, this sums up why so many offline network marketers quit, right? Who would want to hound everyone they know a minimum of seven times?

You can setup your email response system to get in touch with your prospects right away. However, it’s strongly advised that you also send out “real time” email “blasts” with personal stories and/or videos so your prospects can get to know you. You know what they say – people tend to buy from people they know, like and trust.

2) Upselling is a key factor in becoming successful with network marketing online.

It has been proven that 30% of the people who buy from you would be willing to buy other products. The key here to make sure that your customers really WANT to buy other products. People “hate to be sold”, remember?

Hence, the best way to upsell your existing customers is by giving real value that shows them that what they have is good – but what they can get is even better. The art of network marketing success is the art of attracting people to you who want to buy.

You do this by giving value to the marketplace through articles, videos, and blog posts. Send your valuable posts to your list that you’re creating through your auto response email system.

3) The “scarcity” factor is used among many successful network marketers. How many times have you heard “if you buy now, you get two for one”, or “this tremendous discount is only available for a limited time”. This is because that tactic works.

The problem with this is that many marketers bluff their way through on this. How often have you heard that line and say to yourself, “yeah, right, it will probably be even less next month if I wait”.